Che Wang


PhD student in Computer Science.

E-mail: chewang[at]nyu[dot]edu

Links: [GitHub][Google Scholar]

Curriculum Vitae

About me

Hi! I am Che Wang, a PhD student at New York University, advised by Professor Keith Ross. My current research focuses on improving sample efficiency and achieving a better understanding of deep reinforcement learning from a fundamental level. Recently, I have been especially interested in studying bias reduction and representation learning techniques for deep reinforcement learning.

I have been working as a teaching assistant for machine learning and reinforcement learning class. I often lead workshops to help students set up environments and work with hpc clusters. I also design research projects that help students learn about the entire research workflow, from coding to research paper writing.

Before becoming a PhD student, I was an undergraduate student at New York University Shanghai, as a member of the inaugural class of 2017. In addition to deep learning, I have also been interested in other topics such as game design, robotics and data visualization and have created a number of related projects during my undergraduate study.

In 2022, I very recently received the Pearl Brownstein Doctoral Research Award.


Work in progress